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The Online Drum Club

Online Drum Club is an online learning platform where you can learn to play the drums whilst being supported by a well qualified and experienced teacher alongside a community of like minded learners.
The number of new members is restricted each month to ensure that each member of the community feels valued and that their individual aims can be catered for.
As a teacher, I get to know each member individually and tailor the process uniquely to each person.

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"With so much information available online at the click of a button, learning to play can be overwhelming.

The Online Drum Club courses have been designed

to deliver the right thing at the right time".


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Here is what a few of the current members think...


Members get the following benefits:

*Access to a library of written and video content.

*Structure to your learning

*Integration of technology to give you the very best learning experience

*PDF explanations with written notation of each aspect

*When you become a member of this community you will get unlimited access to a syllabus designed specifically for online learning.

*You can work at your speed and at your convenience. Each module will take you through a carefully curated journey resulting in developing into the complete musician.

*As well as working independently, you will also have the option of asking the community for help and feedback on your ideas.

*As part of your membership you also get access to two live video lessons each week.

*The first being a live question and answer session where you can ask questions specific to your learning as well as listening to feedback given to others.

*The second being access to a live lesson. In this lesson we will work through a specific technique or song, looking at the structure and skills required.

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About your teacher...

Drum Teacher Qualifications

*MA Masters Degree

*First Class BA Honours Degree

*LRSL level 6 Diploma in Teaching Music

*ATCL level 4 Diploma in Music Performance

*Grade 8 Distinction in Drum Kit

*Employed in school teaching for the last 12 years

*Full Time Professional with 17 years teaching experience

*DBS checked along with regular safeguarding training

*Member of the Musicians Union

*Certificate in Online Safety for Teaching Staff


*Fully insured


Why should you join?

*Have you tried to learn to play the drums before and found it frustrating?

*Is it something that you have always wanted to try but never got around to doing?

*Do you find it difficult to stay motivated?

*Are you stuck?

Get in touch and we can arrange a call to discuss your drumming aims.

We can look at where you are now and what you would like to achieve and we will formulate a plan to help you to reach and surpass your goals.

Please get in touch to arrange a video call to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q- How does Online Drum Club differ to some of the larger established online learning platforms?

A- Online Drum Club is capped so that there is only a limited amount of members on the course at one time. This ensures that I am able to keep track of everybody's aims and achievements as well as things that matter individually to them. The community allows students to engage with myself and each other (if they want to) which results in a family feel.

Q- There is lots of material available for free on video sharing websites, how is Online Drum Club different?

A- The Online Drum Club course is a bespoke course that has been created alongside the graded course for drum kit. Each level has been written to ensure that you learn the right thing at the right time and that you will never come across a topic in graded material that hasn't been covered in the relevant course. Not only this, but you have access to myself to ask questions unique to your learning as well as being able to ask the community.

Q- Do I have to be involved in the community?

A- No. You will still get access to all content and you can anonymously attend lessons and mentor sessions if you would be more comfortable this way. This does not need to be an exclusive decision and you are free to drop into and out of sessions, lessons and discussions as freely as you see fit.

Q- How do the weekly lessons work?

A- Each week there is a lesson that breaks down a song either in it's entirety or looking at the key components. This is a group lesson where by I teach and you are free to join the video lesson and play along with the ideas and techniques discussed. My camera and video will be switched on whilst students have their microphones muted. The material that we work on varies from week to week and is often a result of requests or discussions in the community. If there is something that you would like to focus on then you can request it directly to myself or within the community to see if others would like to cover it as well.

Q- How does the weekly mentor session work?

A- This is your chance to join a group lesson where you can bring questions relevant to your learning. These can be anything from questions around technique to questions regarding certain graded pieces. We also talk about equipment, performing, recording and anything else drum and music related that you can think of. This is a session where you will be asked to unmute your microphones to have a discussion, or you can write questions in the chat box in the meeting if you prefer to ask this way. You may find that something you have been struggling with is a common problem for others or vice versa.

Q- How long will it take for me to complete the course?

A- There is no definitive answer to this and it will depend on how much time you invest. There is also no definitive end point. Drumming is something that can always be improved on, for example increasing speed, technique and repertoire. You can take it as far as you want to and I will be available to support you for as long as you remain a member. There is new content being created every day and so there is always something fun to learn!


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I am a full time professional percussionist and drum teacher and I have taught hundreds of people over many years.

My extensive touring experience has seen me playing drum kit on line ups alongside artists such as Ed Sheeran, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Nerfherder, Reel Big Fish, Hundred Reasons, Feeder, Sugarcult and many more.

I have performed drum kit and Percussion in venues such as The Cavern in Liverpool, The o2 Academies, The Royal Festival Hall and The Southbank Centre.

I have recorded in a wide variety of settings and studios including for the BBC, Slow Business, Mobo award winner Akala, Maya Law, Balcony TV and many more.

I have also worked as part of the live sound crew on hundreds of high end live events for artists such as Meatloaf, The Script, Girls Aloud, Ellie Goulding, Fleet Foxes, Boyzone, M.I.A, Plan B and many more…

Please get in touch to arrange a video call to learn more.

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“Stuart is very patient in his teaching and is able to quickly adapt in the moment to hone in on my weaknesses! Stuart’s excellent and has made it really enjoyable!”

Danny (Chartered Surveyor)

“A lovely guy who makes you feel you are achieving and progressing”

Keith (Headmaster)

“Most importantly he builds good relationships with his pupils, with very obvious mutual respect. I would highly commend him as a teacher….lucky pupils who get the chance to be taught by Stuart!”

Emma (Director of Music)

“Stuart is not only a very proficient drummer (which of course you would expect in a drum tutor) but – equally important – is an excellent teacher. He will frequently use different teaching techniques, adapting to the situation. He is also very empathetic to the needs of the pupil”

Malcolm (ICT professional)

“Two of my children, both girls, have loved their lessons with Stuart.  A patient, enthusiastic and kind teacher”

Rhona (Parent)

“Professional, engaging and an excellent musician, I can highly recommend him to anyone who wants drums lessons.”

Marcus (Musical Director)

“Stuart is a really good drum teacher and my 11-year-old has been making great progress thanks to Stuart. Lessons over Zoom work surprisingly well. Highly recommended!”

Ed (Parent)

“Stu teaches with patience, encouragement and keen eye for strengths and also what needs working on. I’d recommend him as a tutor to anyone of any age and ability.”

Andy (Ecologist)

“Stuart is a really great drum teacher. I started having lessons online (thanks to Covid); I was unsure about how online lessons would play out, but Stuart made the virtual lessons really straightforward and when I moved on to electric drums he was very helpful in getting them to play through my PC. Stuart is very good at explaining the sheet music I am working on; he is clearly a proficient drummer but also well adept with tech for the 21st Century and a great teacher!”

Calum (Student)

“Great drum teacher that inspired my son to reach new levels in his drum kit playing, while also encouraging him to enjoy it! Thoughtful and conscientious, with a great deal of patience, he also has great equipment and is willing to go the extra mile, whether for individual teaching or as part of band playing – would highly recommend.”

Ben (Parent)

“Stuart’s professionalism and expertise have helped me progress rapidly to a standard of playing ahead of where I thought I would be at this stage.”

Mark (Chief Executive)

“Stuart has been a great help to me and is unlocking more of my ‘drummer potential.’ I would recommend him as an insightful and professional drummer and teacher.”

Aaron (Psychological Therapist)

“Stu is an incredibly talented and extremely professional Drum Tutor. He’s been instructing me for several years now, and I can honestly say that he has continued to push and develop me more than I’d have imagined. And to add to that, he’s one of the nicest blokes you’ll ever meet, he’s awesome and will really help you whatever age or ability level!!”

David (Personal Trainer)

“Mr Addison is an incredible teacher for all drumming and percussion abilities, he is passionate about what he does and helped me develop such admiration for different instruments. 5 years later I am still drumming at my new school and I am grateful for all that he taught me.”

Tallulah (Student)

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